Item Loader Loader


Levels 1+.


The weapon selected is automatically reloaded.




"My number one rule: always have a spare clip in your pants."

The Item Loader Loader is an unlockable Small Equipment Animated Equipment that can be used in one of the three equipment slots available per trooper. It allows a trooper to instantly load a full clip into his gun instead of taking the turns required to load the weapon. It is a one use skill.

Minitroopers Loader

Loader in Action: However, note that the weapon isn't fully loaded because of a limited ammo supply.

When a trooper with Loader is reloading, instead of waiting to reload fully, the text "Loader" will appear and the ammo will be fully recharged.

"Loader" also helps a trooper in its own way: After a trooper uses up all his spare ammo with the "Loader" skill, he doesn't switch weapons. Instead, he reloads the current weapon as per regulations. Therefore, with "Loader", the trooper uses his favourite weapon longer and more often, and the trooper's firepower increases. Because of this, you always will have the pleasure of instantly reloading the desired weapon instead of switching to a pistol, knife or any other inconvenient weapon.


This skill works wonders in conjunction with Trigger Happy, Tail Gunner or the Dual Pistols since they tend to burn through ammunition quickly, requiring frequent reloads. Not only that, but is also good for reloading slow-moving, slow-firing, large-clipped weapons like Machine Guns, the Bazooka M25 or CK-Magellan.


A very good replacement for this skill is Nimble Fingers. This way, you can save an equipment slot.

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