Light Tank


Levels 7+.


The light tank comes equipped with a light cannon and a machine gun.

Dpl. Cost:

2 Btl Deployment.gif.


40 Small Health Points.gif.


2 Small Armor.gif.

Weapon Systems:

Wpn Battle Cannon.gif Cannon.
Wpn Pintle-Mounted Machine Gun.gif Fixed Machine Gun.


Once at the start of battle (~6/7.5%).


"A balsa wood struchure mounted on a bicycle... It still freaks the enemy right out though!"


Pilot.gif Skill Fall Guy.png

Veh Light Tank.gif Light Tank is a rare unlockable attack Veh Truck.gif Vehicle that can sustain damage measuring 40 Small Health Points.gif Life Points. It comes equipped with a Wpn Battle Cannon.gif Cannon and a Wpn Pintle-Mounted Machine Gun.gif Fixed Machine Gun. The vehicle also has a certain Small Armor.gif Armor quotient, blocking Damage measuring 2 Small Health Points.gif. Available from level 7, the Light Tank costs 2 Btl Deployment.gif Deployment points to field. Once armaments run out of ammunition, the pilot abandons the vehicle and continues fighting on his own. The tank's lifespan can be improved by deploying Munition men to resupply the tank's weapons every wave.

To deploy the vehicle more frequently, one can specialise and level up Helm Pilot.gif Pilots. Testing is under way to determine chances of deployment. See Talk Page.

Some skills that are useful for troops can also be useful for combat vehicles (for example, Nimble Fingers). Just which trooper skills have effects on vehicles is still being discovered. If you would like to view our progress, or if you could help out, see the Vehicles and skills page.

Unlike the Heavy Tank it can appear even if your team has only one trooper - it can be interpreted as a feature, because Light Tank need 2 Btl Deployment.gif Deployment , but in this case your battle screen shows you 1 Btl Deployment.gif Deployment 

Tank vs scout.jpg


It should be noted that the light tank uses 2 Btl Deployment.gif Reinforcement Points to deploy. The image in the gallery shows a player having 5 Btl Deployment.gif Deployment Points, and fielding 2 light tanks with a single trooper.

Troops 1 * 1 + light tanks 2 * 2 = 5 reinforcements.



Minitroopers AC uses Light Tank vs 15 Rats-1

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