Screen Life Points

Basic 10 Small Health Points +8 Small Health Points from Bait +3 Small Health Points from Brick S***house.

Small Health Points Life Points is an individual stat, representing the Btl Troopers Troopers' limit of damage they can sustain. Initially all troopers have 10 Small Health Points. Upon taking damage the counter goes down, if it reaches zero the trooper is dead. However, there are upgrades which can significantly increase the troopers chances of survival.

Veh Truck Vehicles have LPs too, running out of life points will cause them to blow up. Upon destruction, the trooper is thrown in the air, taking Fall Damage from hitting the ground. Unlike troopers, vehicles' LPs cannot be restored.

Life Points

The life points of entities are listed below:

Treating Wounds

Injured troopers can restore Life Points to continue fighting in ways:

  • Being healed by a Helm Doctor Doctor during combat (restores +5 Small Health Points, additional +1 Small Health Points per each new level, treats body part damage).
  • Utilizing Item First Aid First Aid (restores up to 50% Small Health Points, doesn't treat body part damage).
  • Utilizing Item Healing Grenade Healing Grenade (restores up to 10 Small Health Points, doesn't treat body part damage).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Survivor (restores +1 Small Health Points after dying, once the next wave of reinforcements is deployed).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Saviour (restores all Small Health Points to a dead trooper once per battle, letting him join a subsequent wave).
  • Utilizing the Gen Ability Retreat command (restores all Small Health Points to all troopers alive, letting them join a subsequent wave, requires at least 10 Btl Communication Communications. ).

Ways to Alter Life Points


Having all these upgrades means the grand total of LP a non-Soldier trooper can have is 42 (10 base plus 32 from all upgrades), and high-level Soldiers can have even more (for instance, a level 12 Soldier will have 54, more than a Heavy Tank!)

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