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2~4 Small Health Points.gif.

















Screen Knife Commando.gif

Wpn Knife.gif Knife is the only unlockable Gen Knife.gif Melee weapon available. Unlike Wpn Fist.gif Fists, knives are capable of Small Critical.gif Critical hits and subsequent Small Killshot.gif killshots.

With sufficient Small Initiative.gif Initiative and Small Speed.gif Speed, it is possible to utilize knives quite efficiently and inflict a great deal of Small Damage.gif Damage to the enemy before they can retaliate adequately.

Despite the appearance, knives can still be Item Scavenger.gif Scavenged and Btl Sabotage.gif Sabotaged just the same, so having one may save a more important ranged weapon altogether.

Like all weapons, the knife affects (and is affected by) certain skills. For example, a trooper with a knife can trigger Adrenaline or Tuck 'n' Roll on an enemy trooper. They may also be disarmed as normal. However, the knife is in a special group of its own, and there may be skills that affect all other hand held weapons except for knives. Just what these skills are is still unknown. Eye of the Tiger is assumed to be useful, but Laser Sights, for example, is unknown.

Knife Skills

If you find a skill that has some effect on a trooper attacking with a knife, please add it to this page. Thanks.

Some effect No effect
Skill Covering Fire.pngRush.gif Trigger Happy.gif

Note that the use of the covering fire skill is so rare that it will seem to have no effect.


These skills' effects are still unknown when combined with Knife: Skill Fists of Fury.png Unforgiving-Icon.jpg Skill Cold Blooded.png Skill Compensator.png Laser Sights-Icon.jpg Skill Heat Sensor.png Nimble Fingers.gif

The unique knife

Knives are capable of killshot.

The knife has a number of unique things about it.

Firstly, its recovery time is the shortest of all weapons at 40. In contrast the highest is 150, the next best being the Beretta and the FAMAS at 50.

Secondly, it uses no ammo. This means that a trooper can use it indefinitely and won't need to stop to reload.

Thirdly, it attacks from melee range. All troopers wielding weapons that can't fire point blank will need to back away from the knife wielder if they do not have an alternative attack. Since most weapons of this kind are also heavy weapons the knife wielder is guaranteed to catch up. All Launchers, Rifles and most Assault Weapons have a minimum attack range.


Below is a short video of a trooper taking advantage of the enemy's minimum attack range. Before the fight the Motorcycle delivers the trooper to the edge of their maximum firing range, as normal, in this case with the knife the maximum firing range is 1 which is below the enemy's minimum attack range.

The second video shows the low recovery time needed to restrike with the knife, this can help to make the most use of initiative bonuses.

Minitroopers,_Knife,_level_2_V_level_8 Knife_V_rats

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