Levels 1+.


Change weapons instantly.


Always (passive).


"Anything up to a bazooka, no worries. Tanks, however..."

Juggler stat
Juggler is an unlockable passive Gen Ability Ability upgrade for your troopers. Any trooper with this upgrade will be able to switch weapons instantly.

The whole process will not cost any Small Turn turns or initiative.

This skill can be useful for Spies who want to lessen the effects of Sabotage without taking any penalty to their Initiative.

It is also of some use to troopers who use weapons with only 1 Small Capacity Capacity, in particular the Infernal Tube, which needs to be switched for another weapon after being fired in each battle.

Having this skill has some effect on a trooper's behavior. If a sniper trooper with the Juggler skill is confronted with an enemy spy, they seem to be more likely to switch to a sidearm rather then retreating to minimum firing range.

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