Screen Initiative

Small Initiative Initiative is a temporary individual stat that prioritises the Btl Troopers Trooper's turns (i.e. actions) higher than the rest of the troops, thus allowing him to take his turns first (moderate boosts), or even take several turns before the others can do anything about it (high boosts). Initially the stat is null, once a trooper gets a boost, he can act while his initiative drops rapidly back to 0 over short while, right until the natural order of turns is restored. This is noticeable by examining the timer at the top right corner – once anybody gets a boost, the timer stops with a blue bar appearing underneath it; after the initiative bar runs out, the time flows again. With time stopped during boosts, Poisoned troopers don't lose health.

It's not clear how the process works exactly, as opposing troopers with boosts seem to be able to take over on some points. Gen Ability Cold Blooded is also witnessed to allow troopers to shoot during somebody other's boost, happen the former take aim before that. Gen Ability Covering Fire seems to cause enough problems as well.

One shouldn't underestimate the importance of such a stat, once witnessing Gen Ability Solo Mission in effect, its value is undeniable.

Note that Initiative is reset to 0 between waves, unless the trooper has the Gen Ability Restless skill.

Ways to Affect Initiative


  • Promoting troops to Helm Comms Officer Comms. Officiers (used both on the battlefield and in reserves) who can occasionally use Gen Ability Solo Mission to give a big boost to a single unit, or Gen Ability Commando to give a small boost to a clustered group of units. Alternatively, utilizing a Item Radio Radio which covers aforementioned basic Btl Communication Communications-based abilities.
  • Promoting troops to Helm Spy Spies, who are granted +50 IP at the start, and additional +10 IP with each new level.
  • Manning a Veh Motorcycle Motorcycle (moderate boost in case of successful deployment).
  • Deployed by Item Talky-Walky Talky-Walky Skill (with moderate boost upon deploying).
  • Utilizing a Item Twinoid Twinoid (+500 IP at a cost of Ef Poisoning).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Adrenaline (little boost per shot that misses the skill owner).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability On Point (+200 IP).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Frenetic (+200 IP per trooper killed by the skill owner).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Bounce Back (+100 IP after getting up, additionally the skill negates Fall Damage, and allows to get up immediately after being knocked down).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Vendetta (+50 IP per teammate lost).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Restless (+200 IP at the beginning of the next wave).
  • Utilizing a Talky-Walky does give a initiative boost as shown in this replay
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Martyr (+150 IP to up 5 other troopers deployed shortly after the death of the skill owner).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Suspicious (+200 IP per hostile Helm Spy Spy).


  • Utilizing Item Glue Grenade Glue Grenade (-200 IP per trooper affected by the area of effect).
  • Utilizing Item Binoculars Binoculars (-400 IP for the next enemy trooper).
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