InfernaltubeInfernal Tube
Infernal Tube 1


Levels 1+.


14~28 Small Health Points: 3x3;
Veh Light Tank ~46Small Health Points.










1/1 Small Round.


1/1 Small Round. 1 shot.


1 Small Round.


Heavy Weapon.
Area of Effect.
Secure zone needed to fire.

Wpn Infernal Tube The Infernal Tube is an unlockable Gen Rocket Launcher Launcher. It is unique from all other weapons; it has a Small Capacity Capacity of only 1 rocket,  has no ammo in reserve and it delivers the most Small Damage Damage of any hand held weapon in the game. With its single shell, it is capable of wiping out an entire enemy Btl Deployment Wave under the right circumstances. The Infernal Tube can be exceptionally good in pre-battle bombardment but it is also very vulnerable to many things, including spies, motorcycles & decoys.

Without upgrades to speed up the aiming process, it's always a gamble that the Btl Troopers Operator may be hit and interrupted, essentially being unable to fire. To help with this, the Infernal Tube trooper might add the Unshakable skill or Gen Ability Cold Blooded to alleviate the weapon's downsides. Other good skill choices include Item Heat Sensor Heat Sensor and Gen Ability On Point.

Some players try to work around the 1 shell limitation of the Infernal Tube by using the Helm Munitions Munition-man specialization to generate extra shells. However, this does not work well with the troops' AI. Even when the trooper has a second shell waiting, the trooper will not reload the Infernal Tube. Instead, they will try to save time by switching to any sidearm that is already loaded. Only the combination of Helm Munitions Munition-man and the Item Loader Loader skill can avoid this.


While all launchers can potentially kill the average trooper with a single hit, making this weapon seem like a senseless overkill, the Infernal Tube finds its perfect purpose when facing tanks because of their high health and armor. The Infernal Tube averages at 21 damage to each target in the Small Area of Effect Area of Effect, when applied to a tank the damage is doubled to an average of 42 (explosive V vehicle). The light tank has 40 Small Health Points Life Points and 2 Small Armor Armor.

Light Tank: 40 life - (42 damage - 2 Armor) = 0. (on average)

Even a healthy light tank only has a 50% chance of surviving when caught in the area of effect.

The Heavy Tank has 50 Small Health Points Life Points and 3 Small Armor Armor.

Heavy Tank: 50 life - (42 damage - 3 Armor) = 11.

The Heavy Tank has a good chance of surviving a hit from an Infernal Tube, although the maximum damage is 56.

The damage is recalculated for each target in the area. Additionally, shots aimed at a Vehicle can never miss, so a shot of the Tube from a trooper set to attack "The Biggest Threat" will always connect with the tank.


  • Visually resembles the AT4 with a few minor differences. Funnily enough, the RL prototype is designed to be discarded after a single use.


Infernal Tube Damage

Infernal Tube Damage

Infernal tube, total damage to enemy 119.

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