Levels 5+.


+50% Small Speed Speed and will run interference on the enemy.


Always (passive).


"Battle won, chief! Your uniform has been ironed! The dishes have been washed! The battlefield re-seeded!"


Rush Sprinter icon Zigzag Skill Amphetamine Shot Thermos of Coffee-Icon Wife Beater Skill Bait Huge Calves

Countered by:

Skill Biped Skill Death Grip

Hyperactif is a high-tier passive Gen Ability Ability acquired after unlocking the Skill of the same name. It improves Small Speed Speed by 50%, but as a side effect, the Btl Troopers Trooper makes unwanted movements. This usually results in running back and forth in situations where they should be aiming or advancing. However, there is an advantage to this: Relocating quickly causes hostiles to be unable to lock on the target, usually losing accuracy and reacquiring the target, which takes time. Couple it with Gen Ability Bait to achieve impressive results.

The skill's effects can be countered by Gen Ability Death Grip or Item Biped Biped. Additionally, Rats are not affected as much due to the speed of melee attacks and lack of any ranged weaponry. Thus, the skill owner loses valuable time that would be better used mowing rodents down.

Coupled with Gen Ability Rush and a reasonable amount of weapons/ammo, the result will be a soldier that constantly moves and attacks, easily sweeping an unprepared foe.

Here is an example of hyperactif : Replay (tip: tap the space bar two times)


  • The current spelling is present in-game. The correct spelling would be "Hyperactive".
  • Rats with Hyperactif will continue to fidget and move about even when Paralyzed. It is not known whether this works on soldiers.
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