Welcome to the hunting and collecting page.

In this page we list things that we are missing in the wiki, things that we don't completely understand about the game or things that are not being properly covered by the wiki because of the lack of evidence.

The idea is that this page will give us a place to announce things that are currently unclear, this is done in the hope that someone in the greater community maybe able to provide the missing needed evidence.

Adding to this page

Feel free to add to the list of things that are we are currently hunting for.

If you find anything in the game that is relative to one of the unclear items please add it to the list. Collecting more than one piece of evidence on the same item will help to avoid bugs being used as evidence. Of course links to replays would be the preferred forum of evidence.

The evidence of 'no evidence'

Let say that we set up a request for any evidence showing... "Any trooper throwing a grenade while driving a tank". This is not possible and there will be no evidence submitted. In this way it is the lack of evidence that will become the evidence, evidence that what is being requested is impossible.

Things we are hunting for...

1. Any further evidence of speed effecting a trooper in a way other than movement speed. Evidence:




*More evidence needed*

2. Any player with only 4 deployment points who is able to deploy more then one tank/helicopter in the first trooper wave.

2.1 With a scout it is possible to deploy two vehicles.

*More evidence needed*

3. Searching for an explanation for reports of 7 fall damage from wrestler, considering two pieces of evidences:


3.2 at the third throw

4. Can the skills Martyr or Crybaby be used to deploy vehicles?

*Evidence needed*

5. How 'Amor-Piercing works? '(Desert Eagle, Thompson, Armor-Piercing Shells)


*More evidence needed*

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