History (manually available at "*/history") is one of the pages available from the Small Mission Headquarters page. Initially, it is not displayed, only being unlocked when a player gets their first Recruit. It is the page you need to go to whenever you see a "New recruit available!" prompt on the headquarters bar to the left, and only then can you actually get those troops to join your Raids and Epic missions.

Most noticeably, the page offers a Preview of Recruits (up to 50 best infantrymen) with their Names, Levels, and Skills acquired. Any entity can be selected in a similar manner as on the Battle Screen, but the client doesn't show any tool-tips for some reason (presumably the client window on this page being too narrow to fit a full stats sheet).

The preview sequence is started with the current army (recruiter) entering the screen on a Veh Truck Vehicle of choice if available (rate of use is 100%) and dismounting. Next, the recruits enter en masse. Depending on their speed, some can take positions faster than the others. Nevertheless, the points at which footmen stop are pre-determined and cannot be taken by the fastest troopers. After everybody's in place, troops holster their weapons and salute the recruiter in a wave fashion (i.e. first line follows the sequence first, the second does so with a slight delay, and so on), preceded by the recruiter giving a salute. When the sequence is finished, everybody just stands around unarmed with nothing else happening.

Additionally, the page offers two lists, the first of which is the Combat History. The list contains the last ten Defensive Battles fought should the player ever be attacked, while Small Mission Headquarters only displays one entry. Each log shows the outcome, the opponent, and the date on which the action took place.

The second list on the page is Recruit History. The list shows the last ten armies the player recruited, as well as the Credit Credit income received for doing so. At the end, the player can find the total number of armies recruited. Although undocumented, more detailed information as well as links to any of the recruits (not limited to the last ten) can be found on the Command My Troops page, but only by utilizing a zoom trick.

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