Levels 7+.


Helicopter is equipped with a double Machine Gun.

Dpl. Cost:

2 Btl Deployment.gif.


15 Small Health Points.gif.


1 Small Armor.gif.



Weapon Systems:

Wpn Pintle-Mounted Machine Gun.gif Apache Cannon.


Once at the start of battle (~10%). Cannot be dismounted.


"I feel much stronger, check out my rotor!"


Pilot.gif Skill Fall Guy.png

The Veh Helicopter.gif Helicopter is a rare fast-moving Veh Truck.gif Vehicle (available after acquiring an unlockable Skill) that can sustain 15 Small Health Points.gif Life Points of Damage, and is shielded with 1 Small Armor.gif Armor. It comes equipped with Wpn Pintle-Mounted Machine Gun.gif Apache Cannon, a double Machine Gun, firing two rounds in a single shot. The helicopter takes 2 Btl Deployment.gif Deployment slots upon entering combat.

This vehicle cannot be targeted by any Gen Knife.gif Melee weapons or by Shotguns (directly), so the helicopter is completely safe from Rats. However, if the helicopter runs out of ammunition, the pilot doesn't leave the cockpit. Instead, the vehicle disengages and leaves the battlefield, and the pilot is never seen again for the rest of the battle.

Additionally, helicopters have complete immunity to Item Gas Grenade.gif Gas Grenades. However, the vehicle can be easily caught in the Bullet Spread so common for Gen SMG.gif / Gen Gatling.gif automatic weaponry. Due to the vehicle's elevation, such instances look odd. If you pay attention to the shadows and green circles, though, it's clear that the entity is (technically) positioned correctly for that.

To get a vehicle deployed more often, one can specialize and level up Helm Pilot.gif Pilots, improving the odds of fielding one by 25% of the initial percentage for each new level. Testing is ready to be started (need helicopter owners) to determine chances of deployment. See the Talk Page.

Some skills used by troops can also work in conjunction with vehicles. You can access and contribute to the research on the Vehicles and Skills page.


  • The vehicle's visual design is vaguely based on a line of models manufactured by Bell Helicopter.


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