Levels 5+.


+10 Small Health Points Life Point, -20% Small Speed Speed.


Always (passive).


"Quite simply, a beast."


Soldier Skill Commando Huge Calves Sturdy Skill Brick S---house Sprinter icon

Heavyweight is a low-tier passive Gen Ability Ability acquired after unlocking the Skill of the same name. It increases the trooper's Small Health Points Life Points by 10 at a cost of Small Speed Speed being reduced by 20%.

A worthwhile survivability option for almost any trooper, potentially able to replace Helm Soldier Soldier. Basically, the skill doubles the basic amount of life points (which would otherwise take a Soldier to reach level 11) with the speed penalty being quite low, which can be offset by a plenty of other skills available. And unlike Gen Ability Bait (+8 Small Health Points), this skill doesn't make its owner easier to hit.

If the owner of this skill also possesses Huge Calves, the Speed bonus from the latter surpasses the penalty from the former, leaving the trooper with a total 5% bonus to Speed and a staggering +13 Small Health Points.


  • The skill's icon and effect seem to be a reference to the Heavy Weapons Guy (here, here, or here), a character in the Team Fortress series and the face of Team Fortress 2 who has both the highest health and the lowest speed of all the playable characters.
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