Heavy Tank
Heavy Tank


Levels 7+.


The heavy tank comes equipped with a Cannon and a Machine Gun.

Dpl. Cost:

6 Btl Deployment.

Dpl. Required:

8 Btl Deployment.


50 Small Health Points.


3 Small Armor.

Weapon Systems:

Wpn Battle Cannon Cannon v.2.
Wpn Pintle-Mounted Machine Gun Fixed Machine Gun v2.


Start of battle (Once).


"Formidable on the battlefield, but the aircon is an optional extra."


Pilot Skill Fall Guy

Screen HT Purple

A purple Doctor-operated heavy tank. How does that sound?

Veh Heavy Tank Heavy Tank is a very rare Veh Truck Vehicle tied to a high-tier unlockable Skill. It comes equipped with a Wpn Battle Cannon Cannon v.2 and a Wpn Pintle-Mounted Machine Gun Fixed Machine Gun v2, which are better than the ones installed on Veh Light Tank Light Tanks by a notch. The vehicle is as tough as 50 Small Health Points Life Points, and is shielded with 3 Small Armor Armor. On average, the vehicle can hold for three hits with explosives.

To use the vehicle more often, one can specialize and level up Helm Pilot Pilots, improving the chance of deployment by 25% every new level. Testing is ready to be started (need tank owners) to determine chances of deployment. See Talk Page.

It is assumed that the heavy tank operates in a way that is similar to other combat vehicles. As some trooper skills are useful to other vehicles we can assume they will also be useful to a heavy tank. See Vehicles and skills.


Heavy Tank2

Deployment cost illustrated.

Here is a video showing a bot owned Heavy Tank in combat: Video.

Heavy Tank + 1 light tank + 0 troops

The image to the right was taken from the previous video. The heavy tank seems is need 8 Btl Deployment Deployment Points to enter the field but will only use 6 points itself. Heavy tanks have also been seen in armies with 8 Btl Deployment Deployment Points and going into combat with 2 troops.

Because of this an army without four or more Helm Scout Scouts cannot deploy a heavy tank. You may also want to see the page for Vehicles: Deployment.

Here is a link to a player owned army with a Heavy Tank, Berewea

Retreating Problem

If a Heavy Tank is alone on the field there is a high chance of it retreating.

If the team has a Heavy Tank alone, enough points of Btl Communication Communications (10 or more) and against many enemies (4 or more) there is a very high chance, that the next order the tank receives will be "Retreat" ( not "Solo mission").

This is due to an AI problem, which decides that in this situation your forces are outnumbered. This can happen even if the tank is undamaged or has 1 other friendly trooper still supporting it.


  • It's not the only early XX century materiel seen in the game, which could probably mean than one of initial concepts was placed in a corresponding era hence some of the stylistic elements, but then revoked in favour of Modern one, giving a strange feeling visual mix.
  • People have said that this tank has some visual resemblance with the Leman Russ, with is a fictional tank appearing in Warhammer 40,000.


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