Item Heat Sensor Heat Sensor
Skill Heat Sensor


Levels 1+


+20% Small Aim Aim bonus, <Trooper's> bullets cannot be dodged.


Always (Passive).


"Here? - No way, it's cold out there... - And here? - You're getting warmer! - How about here? - Good job, you're real hot..." BANG!

Counter to:

Skill Camouflage TakeCovericon Wife Beater Skill Dodger

Item Heat Sensor Heat Sensor is an unlockable Small Equipment Animated Equipment which can be used in one of the three equipment slots available per trooper. Once equipped it improves Small Aim Aim by 20%. On top of that the Btl Troopers Trooper's bullets cannot be Gen Ability dodged. An invaluable skill for any precision dependent strategies when one hit can resolve the battle's outcome, e.g. utilising rocket Gen Rocket Launcher Launchers (class) or Gen Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifles. Very useful against rats.

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