Skill HeartbreakerHeartbreaker


Levels 1+.


The chances of <Trooper> inflicting a fatal shot to the heart are multiplied by 3.


Always (Passive).


"Oh Carl... You're breaking my heart! Mom was right..."


Hydroshock Shells Skill Anatomy Voodoo Doll

Countered by:

Lucky Charm Invincible

Heartbreaker is a low-tier passive Gen Ability Ability available after acquiring the Skill of the same name. It increases the likelihood of scoring a Small Killshot Killshot specifically to the heart by multiplying the basic value of the Small Critical Critical of the Small Weapon Weapon wielded by three.


A useful skill, but it's rather specific in operation. To achieve the best heart hit rates, it would be best paired up with a Gen Sniper Rifle Rifle and Gen Ability Anatomy while setting the favourite target to the "Straight to the heart!" If those are not available, it is advisable to pick a firearm that fires multiple rounds in quick succession to increase the likelihood of hitting the heart proper. Other Small Critical Critical-enhancing skills, such as Item Hydroshock Shells and Item Voodoo Doll Voodoo Doll, can make a huge difference.

If the aforementioned combinations are used in conjunction with Wpn CK-Magellan CK-Magellan (the quickest semi-automatic rifle), and any aiming skills (e.g Item Laser Sights Laser Sights, Gen Ability Eye of the Tiger, etc.) the odds to hit the heart can reach enormous levels and every other shot may result in an immediate kill shot, allowing you to quickly dispatch multiple enemies, and turning your unit into an extremely lethal killing machine.

As you can see, the skill is perfect when used in conjunction with other abilities and various weapon types and strategies, but it is mostly inferior, however, when compared individually to many other abilities due to its lower multiplication and requirement to be aiming to a specific target. For example, considering that Hydroshock Shells present the ability to achieve killshots anywhere in the body and is four times as likely to do so compared to only three times as likely with the Heartbreaker, it makes it relatively weak in comparison; although it does not take one of rather valuable Small Equipment Animated Equipment slots.

Still, if quick kills are your game, this skill gives you the means to greatly enhance their number if used properly.

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