Item Healing Grenade Healing Grenade
Skill Healing Grenade


Levels 7+, Helm Doctor Doctor


Heals Troopers in a zone measuring 3x3.

Small Health Points Rec.:

~10. No body part treatment.

Small Area of Effect AoE:



Having at least one injured ally, including the owner (once).


"It stings a bit at the start, but it gets better."



No Effect:

Skill Friendly Fire Interception

Screen Healing Grenade

Item Healing Grenade Healing Grenade is a high-tier Helm Doctor Doctor-exclusive unlockable Small Equipment Animated Equipment that can be used in one of three equipment slots available per Btl Troopers Trooper. Upon impact, it heals all grunts for ~10 Small Health Points Life Points in an Small Area of Effect Area of Effect measuring 3x3. The grenade can be targeted at the owner.

Unlike Gen Ability Doctor, healing grenades do not treat injured body parts, meaning that any penalties and potential for extra Small Damage Damage taken are retained. The effects of Healing Grenades can be stacked on top of ordinary doctor treatments and other Healing Grenades.

Reviving dead troops?

Here is a replay of a trooper who gets brought back to life with a healing grenade. This may be a bug, as it has never been reported before. A possible explanation could be that the healing effect took place at the exact same moment in which the poison damage was supposed to take out the trooper's last HP, resulting in a net gain of 9 HPs.


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