Hard Boiled
Skill Hard Boiled


Levels 1+.


<Trooper> incurs no further penalty when seriously injured.


Always (passive).


"Pffft, doesn't even hurt."

Hard Boiled is an unlockable passive ability. According to observations and machine translation of the French description, the skill negates any Small Damage Damage that would have normally been dealt with successive shots to damaged body parts. Additionally, headshots do not deal double damage. However, there's no mention of Stat changes being negated.

As a side effect, Small Damage Damage dealt for being hit in the head with a helmet on is reduced to 1 Small Health Points Life Point.

A sound addition to advanced Helm Soldier Soldiers, who can live considerably longer with this upgrade acquired and retain combat effectiveness for the most part regardless of damage received. However, Btl Troopers Troopers without any Small Health Points Life Point augmentations won't benefit as much.


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