This is the Hall of Fame page, where the successess of MT players are being displayed. This contains records from the tournaments and leagues conducted in the MT English forum, though records from competitions outside the forum may be added to the list if they exist.

Win Tourney Cups Win

The English Server Cup

Current holder: KOFKOREA



The Fourth English Server Cup.

12 September 2013

Tournament Thread


Second: Xtremekiwi

Third: Junkzy

Past Tournaments



The Third English Server Cup.

11 February 2013

Tournament Thread

First: Xtremekiwi

Second: Junkzy

Third: Persona-



The Second English Server Cup.

21 November 2012

Tournament Thread


Second: Caine

Third: Livefore



The First English Server Cup.

03 October 2012

Tournament Thread


Second: Faroon

Third: Caine

Prize Tourney Cup:

1st: Seismik

2nd: Doumsderp

Lockpick Cup:

1st: 971marSu

2nd: mini-phytons

3rd: Kauke/Caine

  • 3rd place deciding match was not played.

Bodycount Cup: 1st: SilentPinoy

2nd: Stolen Ammo

3rd: MagicDragon

ONE ARMY Cup: 1st: Doomys

2nd: XX

3rd: XX

Solo Warfare Cup:*

1st: pedped

2nd: NoNStopxS

3rd: Golem

4th: 45424

Win International Cups Win

Worlds Asia

Open Class:

1st: IcSXyvoZ

2nd: Lost In Dreams

3rd: IcSWrySmile

4th: IcSPulbo

Qualified for the World Championships:

1. IcSXyvoZ

2. Lost In Dreams

Worlds EU

Open Class:

1st: Caine

2nd: 971marSu


4th: Jay

Qualified for the World Championships:

Supreme Champion:

Worthy Adversary:

Maybe Next Time:

4th place:

5th place tie:,

7th place tie:,

9th place tie:,,,

'Win 'Monthly Championship Cups Win

September 2011 (KO Cup I)

1st: Caine

2nd: Klegg

September 2011 (KO Cup II)

1st: 971marSu

2nd: dieu-ryuk

September 2011 (KO Cup III)

1st: Headshoteur

2nd: Nevermore

September 2011 (KO Cup IV)

1st: Klegg

2nd: 971love

October 2011 (KO Cup V)

1st: Klegg

2nd: Caine

October 2011 (KO Cup VI)

1st: 971marSu

2nd: Caine

November 2011 (KO Cup VII)

1st: Caine

2nd: Nevermore

November 2011 (KO Cup VIII)

1st: Caine

2nd: Zooxx

March 2012 (Mad March Cup)

1st: Nevermore

2nd: Caine

April 2012 (April Clash)

1st: 971marSu

2nd: Dime

May 2012 (May Melee)

1st: Nevermore

2nd: Caine

Win Finished Leagues Win

General League:

1st: 971marSu

2nd: Caine

3rd: Nevermore

Colonel League:

1st: die-gurkentopfe


3rd: brown coats

Major League:

1st: Doom Squadron

2nd: Zooxx

3rd: Army of Tim

Captain League:

1st: SilentPinoy

2nd: ChinaStrong

3rd: burger/badfaceclowns*

  • Their points were tied.

Sergeant League:

1st: ROL

2nd: cha-ching

3rd: thrash

Kill League A:

1st: Kingdom Of Korea at 84 points*

2nd: Doum at 84 points*

3rd: Caine at 83 points

  • Final positions were determined by a tiebreaker.

Kill League B:

1st: Rocket Heads

2nd: Caine

3rd: 123

Kill League C:

1st: SilentPinoy at 124 points

2nd: Kingdom Of Korea at 123 points

3rd: Zen Warriors at 102 points

Kill League D:

1st: Lost In Dreams at 210 points

2nd: Jillie at 198 points

3rd: Knife Fighters at 195 points

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