Item Grenade Grenade
Skill Grenade


Levels 1+.


6-12 Small Health Points.

Area of Effect:



"Simple and effective: throw it, everything is clean."


MunitionsIcon Hurry-Icon King of Boules

Countered by:


Item Grenade The standard Grenade is low-tier Small Equipment Animated Equipment (acquired after unlocking the Skill of the same name) which can be used in one of three equipment slots available per Btl Troopers Trooper. Upon impact, it explodes with an Small Area of Effect Area of Effect covering 2x2, causing 6-12 Small Damage Damage initially and Fall Damage as a bonus.

Also, troopers can kill themselves of their friends with their own grenade due to its low accuracy.


The grenade can deal high Damage, killing weaker troopers. Troopers who survive may need time to get back to their feet and reacquire their targets. It is a very useful weapon, but isn't entirely accurate when thrown unless the trooper has the skill Small King of Boules King of Boules.

As with all explosives, grenades don't hurt the target's limbs or vital organs directly, dealing Damage generally instead. Nevertheless, weapons carried by the victims can still be occasionally dropped if the target does not have Death Grip.


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