Item Gas Grenade Gas Grenade
Skill Gas Grenade


Levels 1+.


Initial damage: 0
-1 Small Health Points per 20 Small Turn.


All troopers affected are Ef Poison-ed until the effect wears off.




Occasionally (once).


"Extremely effective! Well... Unless the enemy has a cold."


MunitionsIcon Hurry-Icon King of Boules

Counter to:

Lucky Charm

Countered by:

Skill Doctor Interception

Item Gas Grenade The Gas Grenade is an unlockable Small Equipment Animated Equipment which can be used in one of the three equipment slots available per Btl Troopers Trooper. Upon impact gas grenades Ef Poison all troopers in the Small Area of Effect Area of Effect, dealing Small Damage Damage over time. Due to undocumented differences (most likely due to enclosed cockpit), Veh Helicopter Helicopters appear to be completely unaffected by the item, even when being caught in the AOE.

The gas grenade's effect can not be dodged, unlike the standard Item Grenade Grenade or the Item Fragmentation Grenade Fragmentation Grenade (the two red grenade skills).

Even though Gen Ability King of Boules grants 100% Small Aim Aim for Gen Grenade Hand Grenades, the area of effect for the gas grenade is usually sufficient to poison at least one enemy trooper regardless of its point of impact.


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