Friendly Fire
Skill Friendly Fire


Levels 7+.


Grenades and shots fired by <Trooper> never hit teammates.


Always (Passive).


"Thanks to our revolutionary technology, it's now impossible to get shot in the ass!"

Friendly Fire is an unlockable Gen Ability Ability available after acquiring the Skill of the same name. It negates all Small Damage Damage from friendly fire the Btl Troopers Trooper can possibly inflict. A very handy pick for Small Mission Exterminate missions, essentially making all automatic weaponry, Gen Shotgun Shotguns, and explosive ordnance alike safe for work again. Additionally, the skill decreases the potential destruction caused by infiltrated Helm Spy Spies, particularly the efforts grunts put into taking out one.

While this skill prevents the owner from inflicting any damage to teammates, Gen Ability Suspicious grants the opposite effect – they can't take any damage from friendlies.

Friendly Fire

More broadly, friendly fire is a term used to refer to situations when troops under certain circumstances hit their teammates. Such situations are exclusively caused by using weapons with an Small Area of Effect Area of Effect or Spread against hostiles in close proximity to friendlies.

To avoid such situations one may consider purchasing special skills, limit the use of AOE munitions by Support Troopers if most allies resort to close combat, or increase overall productivity to prevent any hostiles from closing in. Reliance on different tactics not involving AOE is another way to go, albeit harder to achieve and successfully implement.


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