Skill Frenetic


Levels 1+.


When you defeat an enemy, +200 Small Initiative Initiative.


Killed an enemy.




Spy Skill Adrenaline Rush Loader Restless

Frenetic is an unlockable active Gen Ability Ability. Upon killing an enemy the Btl Troopers Trooper gains 200 Small Initiative Initiative, allowing him to go on a killing spree. A perfect addition for Shock Troopers.

A frenetic trooper gains initiative points even when he commits friendly fire and kills his allies. However, he doesn't gain initiative from any secondary Small Damage Damage effects such as the Item Gas Grenade Gas Grenade's or Item Toxic Shells Toxic Shells poison ticks, or Fall Damage from any cause, such as a Launcher explosion or Wrestler.

If used in conjunction with very fast weapons (like the Wpn Knife Knife) or weapons that can kill many troopers in a single attack (Gen Rocket LauncherLaunchers or the Item Grenade Benie Grenade Benie), it can give the trooper enough initiative to attack the enemy again before the boost runs out, making him tear through enemies unimpeded until he runs out of ammo or is stopped by a counter-attack.

Helm Spy Spies benefit the most out of any other Trooper. With the right weapon & skills — for example the Wpn Semi-Auto Shotgun Semi-auto shotgun, Item Loader Loader, and Gen Ability Battle-Ready, Spies will go on a killing spree and can potentially win a battle singlehandedly.


Minitroopers Frenetic

Minitroopers Frenetic

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