Fists of Fury
Skill Fists of Fury


Levels 1+.


+1 Damage for Punches. When a <Trooper> hits an enemy he has a 50% chance of dropping their Weapon.


Always (passive).


"Rocky, at least take this Pistol...
– No thanks chief, don't need it!"


Skill Death Grip

Countered by:

Skill Death Grip

Fists of Fury is an unlockable passive Gen Ability Ability. It increases the Small Damage Damage inflicted by Wpn Fist Fists by +1. Additionally, by using one's fists, the Btl Troopers Trooper has a 50% chance of disarming his target.

This Skill might be of use to troopers who often combine Initiative/Speed/Dodge skills, generally as a last resort for when all weapons have been affected by Btl Sabotage Sabotage or in situations when the trooper is out of ammo — for example, Small Mission Exterminate missions.

Since Fists are generally ineffective, albeit used frequently, it would make sense to pick this upgrade to ensure somebody can still fight even without firearms. Despite being less effective than the Wpn Knife Knife, fists can't be sabotaged at all.


The name "Fists of Fury" is likely referring to the 1972 film starring Bruce Lee, Fist of Fury . This is one of two Bruce Lee references in the game, the other being Wife Beater.

The quote, "Rocky, at least take this Pistol..." is a reference to the American film Rocky. This is one of two Rocky references, the other being Eye of the Tiger.
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