Fighter Jet


Levels 11+.


The jet Bombards the battlefield until it runs out of fuel.

Dpl. Cost:

-1 Btl Troopers.







Weapon Systems:

Gen Rocket Launcher Launcher, 6~10 Small Damage.


Occasionally (~10%) from the reserve (Trooper does not deploy).


"This is Ghostrider One requsting a fly-by."



Veh Fighter Jet Fighter Jet is a very rare unlockable support Veh Truck Vehicle. When a Btl Troopers Trooper uses a jet, they do not take part in the battle directly. Instead, the jet will occasionally perform a bombing run, the bombs have firepower similar to a hit from a Launcher. The jets will inflict Damage measuring 6~9 Small Health Points Life Points with Fall Damage as a bonus. The jet can't be shot down, damaged, targeted, or even selected (hence theinability to be targeted – the trooper himself isn't deployed in person), the jet being a whole another entity.

The major downside of this vehicle is that its owner does not participate in battle at all and so the jet's payload may not be worth the loss of this one trooper.

To use the vehicle more often, one can specialise and level up Helm Pilot Pilots, improving the chance of deployment by 25% of the initial percentage on every new level. Testing is ready to be started (need jet owners) to determine chances of deployment. See Talk Page.

A level 20 pilot would have 10 + 2.5*19 = 57.5% deploy chance.

The jet may bomb the battlefield more than once, Team Jay VS Gunshoot.


Some people claim that the fighter jet has a higher chance to bomb the battlefield more often in the same fight if the trooper flying it is a high-level pilot.

However, we do not have sufficient proof to say this is true at the moment because only a few people have this vehicle, and even fewer have a pilot with one.


  • The jet visually resembles the Mirage fighter aircraft, the Mirage series is manufactured by the French company Dassault Aviation.
  • Ghostrider One, mentioned in the quote, is a salute to the 1986 American film Top Gun.


Fighter Jet in Action

Fighter Jet in Action

Three Fighter Jets

Three Fighter Jets

Three player owned Fighter Jets in a Raid mission

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