Fall Guy
Skill Fall Guy


Levels 5+


If <trooper>'s vehicle is destroyed damages sustained is divided by 2.


When vehicle is destroyed.


"So, run that by me again, my stunt double was SHOT AND KILLED? I'm out."


AllVeh Truck Vehicles exept Fighter Jet
Skill Bounce Back

Fall Guy is an unlockable, Pilot-exclusive passive Ability. Normally when a vehicle is destroyed it's driver sustains some damage, in many cases this will kill the driver, however the Fall Guy skill negates all of this damage. They are likely to still suffer from fall damage of 1-7.

This skill is useful for Pilots with combat vehicles, such as the Light Tank which will often fight to the bitter end. The fall guy skill will allow the pilot to keep fighting on foot even after the loss of their vehicle.

The skill specifically states that the amount of damage that the driver would have sustained is divided by 2, however evidence is showing otherwise: as can be seen in the image below, a trooper with this skill will often be completely uninjured by the explosion.


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