Screen Fall Damage
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Fall Damage is an additional effect your Btl Troopers Troopers' weapons can inflict. It measures 1~7 Small Health Points Life Points of Damage received after being thrown in air or knocked down, after which a trooper will get up and continue fighting.

Fall damage can happen in two ways: either the trooper gets flung in the air (From an explosion or the trooper's vehicle being destroyed) or gets pushed back due to a knockback effect from weapons like Shotguns, the Revolver or Faceboot. The only difference between them is that a soldier that is blown up can land exactly where he was before, while soldiers who were pushed back will always change position.

A negligible downside of fall damage is that it doesn't hurt the target's limbs or vital organs directly, dealing more general Small Damage Damage instead. A more noticeable problem is that there is a chance that troopers may not be thrown in the air or knocked down. There's anecdotal evidence suggesting that Helm Soldier Soldiers are less likely to be tossed, but there's no confirmation so far.

Ways to Inflict Fall Damage

Ways to Counter Fall Damage

  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Bounce Back (no damage, instant getting up, and +100 Small Initiative).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Fall Guy (-50% Small Damage when the vehicle is destroyed).


  • In some instances, fall damage causes the client to freeze. That happens at the point the victim hits the ground and his body disappears. After that, there's only a shadow and life bar visible with a name showing on mouse-over. The trooper is clickable, but no stat sheet will appear. Un-pausing by clicking outside the stats screen is still not possible hinting that the trooper's body is there, but broken. By comparison, all other troopers seem to be fine. In case of Gen Ability Semelles de Plomb, freezing occurs at the moment a trooper fires at Bibi le Clown, which is explained by a unique knock down immunity: Bibi itself isn't clickable at all, indicating that the damage has been dealt. Occurrences appear to be random, but here are some victims' sheets prior to freezing to compare:
    • 1/18 Small Health Points, Wpn Knife, L7, Saboteur Pistol Knife Wrestler-Icon Thermos of Coffee-Icon Sprinter icon Skill Battle-Ready Skill Bait. No body parts damaged.
    • 7/10 Small Health Points, Wpn Knife, L3, Skill Unknown Pistol Knife Skill Barrel Extension Smart icon. Left lung injured.
    • Additionally, this bug has been noted in other instances, such as killing with Item Explosive Shells Explosive Shells.
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