Eye of the Tiger
Skill Eye of the Tiger


Levels 1+


+50% improved Small Aim Aim with firearms.


Always (Passive).


"10$ says I take out his right rear molar at 500m. In any case, I reckon it's got a cavity."


Eye of the tiger from the stat screen.

Eye of the Tiger is an unlockable passive Gen Ability ability. Once acquired it improves the trooper's Small Aim Aim by 50% with firearms. A greater effect can be achieved with Item Laser Sights Laser Sights (80%), however eye of the tiger is the only skill that can increase the troopers aim that does not use an equipment slot. All aim bonuses are very beneficial for automatic weaponry.


Eye of the Tiger is the name of the theme song for Rocky III (written at the request of Sylvester Stallone). Play music

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