Exterminate is 1 of 3 daily Small Mission Missions available in the game. The goal is to kill an ever growing number of rats. Each day the number of rats grows larger and will easily outnumber your troopers. The reward for winning the mission is 4 Credit Credits.

Trophy02 Current Record:

Player Arnulf currently holds the record for exterminating 603 rats in a team exterminate -  replay

Player Arnulf currently holds the record for exterminating 621 rats in a single trooper exterminate - replay



All rats are level 1, have 10 Small Health Points Life Points and do not possess any weapons or equipment. For that reason their only means of offensive is Gen Knife Melee, similar to any grunt's Wpn Fist Fists, but with a few differences:

  • Damage measures 1~4 Small Health Points Life Points.
  • Good Aim.
  • Special leap attacks knock troopers down and can execute several successive blows in a row (similar to Wpn Boot Kicking), often leading to an instant kill. These cannot be dodged. But ironically, rats cannot attack downed grunts. Neither they can reach Veh Helicopter Helicopters.

Rats have 2 Skills, randomly picked from the list:

Screen Rat VS LT

Your tank pilots are safe inside their tin cans, as long as they have ammunition.

As you can see, rats can possess some Gen Ability abilities, to get which Btl Troopers Troopers would have to reach a certain level. Thus rats are granted remarkable survivability and combat effectiveness.

To combat such threat, usual tactics need to be adapted. For example, sniper rifles and rocket launchers can handle 2 waves at best, while automatic weaponry, shotguns, and explosives cause tremendous amount of friendly fire in close quarters. Surprisingly, pistols suit such battles perfectly, namely Wpn Desert Eagle Desert Eagles, Wpn Pistol Dual Pistols, and Wpn Revolver Revolvers, serving as auxiliaries in any other battles. Close combat upgrades, such as Gen Ability Faceboot, Gen Ability Wrestler, and Wpn Knife Knives can show good results as well.

Of course, without advanced performance improving upgrades, effectiveness of most troopers is generally low. Being outnumbered, getting most Small Initiative Initiative is the best available option. Another great way to keep rats at bay is equipping your troopers with Item Paralysing Shells Paralysing Shells, those will work even in case of dodging, and will prevent rodents from closing in. It is also critical to have Helm Comms Officer Comms. Officiers (reserved) and Helm Munitions Munitionmen (1~2 per wave) in your team.

Aircraft such as Veh Helicopter Helicopter are not prone to Gen Knife Melee, for that reason rats can't damage those at all. For sustained combat, however, the vehicle needs to be Resupplied regularly. Otherwise it will leave the battlefield.


  • Rats can't attack downed enemies, albeit able of knocking them down in the first place. As long as a trooper is flat on the floor he's safe from enraged rodents. Friendly fire, on the other hand...
  • There is a very slight chance that if the last Btl Troopers Trooper has both been patched up by a [1] Doctor and killed the last rat, there is a chance that the larger texts will declare victory while the smaller text depicts, "The battle has ended in failure!"


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