Small Dodge Dodge is supposedly an individual stat closely related to Small Aim Aim. A complete mystery of a stat, with no confirmation if it's actually present in the game. However, some Skills refer to it one way or another. It's entirely possible that it's an additional check run once the Btl Troopers Trooper in question is hit. But it as well might be just a modifier to Small Aim Aim, applied upon firing. Nevertheless, it has an important impact on gameplay, so it can't be ignored. While Small Aim Aim covers all instances related to a trooper's accuracy. Dodge covers anything to do with avoiding hits altogether.

Screen H2H

Animation of dodging melee.

Veh Truck Vehicles have no dodging ability, although their Armor and lack of damageable body parts will occasionally negate damage from weaker weapons. Troops with no dodging skills that have been Knocked Down also cannot dodge.

  • A trooper attacking with Wpn Fist Fists will miss their target a considerable amount of times (visually, the targeted grunt will display a dodge animation). When attacking a vehicle with fists, however, the trooper will hit the target with every punch. This suggests that both the attacker and the dodger are contributing to the chances of a successful dodge.
  • Another instance is Wpn Boot Kicking a downed trooper, which shows the same brilliant accuracy with no failed strikes, although kicks can't be tested on anything else other than downed troopers. Downed troopers, however, can still use active dodge abilities like Gen Ability Dodger and Gen Ability Tuck 'n' Roll.

Ways to Alter Dodge


  • Running around (small bonus negated by a Item Biped Biped).
  • Utilizing a Item Wife Beater Wife Beater (+30%, +30% Small Speed Speed).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Camouflage (20%, less chance of being targeted).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Zigzag (50% during running).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Take Cover! (50% during reloading).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Dodger (one-time 100% on the first shot).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Tuck 'n' Roll (occasional multi-use 100% on performing).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Brick S***house (undocumented bonus to friendlies standing on the same line and behind the owner).



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