Btl Deployment Deployment (also being referred to as Reinforcement) is a global permanent stat that directly influences how many Btl Troopers Troopers or Veh Truck Vehicles will be sent out to fight per wave. With each new wave the Btl Troopers trooper counter will decrease by the reinforcement value. Note that the Deployment is capped at 20. To leave you something to achieve, certain vehicles with high Deployment costs won't be fielded unless you upgrade your Reinforcement bonus first.

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Deployment Costs

Ways to Alter Deployment


  • Recruiting Helm Scout Scouts (Btl Deployment+1 per trooper).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Out of Bounds (free Btl Deployment Deployment for the owner of the skill).


  • Fielding Helm Spy Spies (Btl Deployment-1 per trooper, if they deploy along the enemy lines).
  • Utilizing Gen Ability Reverse Attack by your troopers (Btl Deployment-2 upon use).
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