Ef Cursed
Dsc Cursed


+1 Small Damage taken, +100% likely to be Small Killshot Fatally Shot.


800 Small Turn Turns.


Item Voodoo Doll

Ef Cursed is an Effect exclusive to Item Voodoo Doll Voodoo Dolls. Once the Doll is used, the effect is applied to all hostile Btl Troopers Troopers in the field, and lasts for 800 Small Turn Turns. The curse increases Small Damage Damage taken by +1 (added before the value is affected by any multipliers, meaning that the latter increase the bonus proportionally), and the chances of being Small Killshot Fatally Shot by +100%. Any new waves of enemies will not be affected by the curse, and the item needs to be used again in order to apply the effect to a new portion of hostiles.

The Small Damage Damage bonus can be successfully negated by Item Heavy Armor Heavy Armor, while Gen Ability Invincible can nullify Small Killshot Killshots altogether. However, not all troopers have such upgrades, so the effect is still largely effective for quick decimation of an enemy wave. Based on damage modifier observations, it's safe to assume that each multiplier has already computed the result, therefore Item Hydroshock Shells Hydroshock Shells would grant a bonus of +700% Small Critical Critical to selected weapon, if the target is affected by the curse.


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