Skill Crybaby Crybaby


Levels 7+.


Reinforcements are called even if you're still alive.


Last standing during a Wave (once).


"Call the reinforcements! I... I've bumped my little toe!"


Rucksack Restless Skill First Aid

Crybaby is an unlockable active Gen Ability Ability. It allows the Btl Troopers Trooper to deploy the Btl Deployment Next Wave without dying first, but only if he's the last Btl Troopers Trooper remaining in the current round. The ability can be triggered regardless of whether there are any extra teammates that can be deployed. If multiple troopers survive on the battlefield and they all have this skill, Crybaby will still be activated.

If the trooper is deployed alone (for example, if multiple Reverse Attacks or Spies reduce the deployment to 1, or the trooper enters in a vehicle that takes up the whole deployment capacity), Crybaby will trigger immediately in the first case and as soon as the trooper dismounts or blasts out of the vehicle in the latter (provided he survives the explosion).

This one is good for outnumbering the enemy, especially if some of the soldiers in the wave have the Survivor skill. It has a similar effect to Gen Ability Martyr, except it is slightly less likely to trigger since it requires the soldier to be the only survivor on the team.

Note: This skill will make Last Mohican totally useless if paired together. However, it is a nice combo with Restless and helps the crying trooper to get revenge on his enemy.


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