Small Critical Critical is a Small Weapon weapon Stat which determines how each round fired is likely to cause a fatal injury. However, only bullet-projectile weapons benefit from the stat. As with most other parameters, this one isn't described in the way it works, and so only observation results are available.

The best arms in this category are the following:

Among the rest generally Gen SMG Assault Rifles, Gen Shotgun Shotguns, Gen Handgun Handguns, and Wpn Knife Knives have x10Small Critical, whilst Gen Gatling Machine Guns and a handful of small arms have x5Small Critical. Outsiders here are Gen Rocket Launcher Launchers and any kind of explosives, unable to score any critical hits at all, being an already powerful as it is. Item Fragmentation Grenade Fragmentation Grenades are capable of critical hits due to their mechanic, but the exact value is unknown.

Tactics relying on critical are fast and effective. However, there's a number of counters to render the former less reliable. Nevertheless, such is the safest way of taking down enemy high-level Helm Soldier Soldiers should they deploy unarmoured, as well as mowing down cannon fodder.


Screen Killshot

Small Killshot Killshots are a result of successful critical hits. Once scored, they immediately kill the target with no damage indication, regardless of amount of remaining Small Health Points Life Points. Not all body parts allow for killshots:

  • In the head! (Headshot!).
  • Straight to the heart! (Straight to the heart!).
  • Right lung (Punctured Lung!).
  • Gutshot (nasty) (Gutshot!).

Not explicitly tested but it's presumed that hitting limbs negates all chance of inflicting a killshot.

Killshots can't be achieved by a trooper's punches or a rat's attack.Troopers armed with a Knife can still get a killshot.

Knives are capable of killshot.

Ways to Alter Critical


  • Utilizing arms with highest Small Critical Critical rating.
  • Utilizing Item Hydroshock Shells Hydroshock Shells (+300% Small Critical).
  • Utilizing a Item Voodoo Doll Voodoo Doll (+100% Small Critical against all enemy troops affected during current wave).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Heartbreaker (+200% Small Critical hitting the heart).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Anatomy (+100% Small Critical).


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