Item Compensator Compensator
Skill Compensator


Levels 1+.


Halves the Small Aim aiming penalties for successive shots. Reduces waiting time after a shot by 30%.


Always (passive).


"Wave goodbye to the shakes with a Parkin & Sons compensator!"


Skill Cold Blooded Trigger Happy


Laser Sights-Icon Skill Heat Sensor

Item Compensator Compensator is an unlockable Small Equipment Animated Equipment that can be used in one of the three equipment slots available per trooper. Once equipped, it halves the Small Aim Aim penalties for successive shots and reduces waiting time after a shot by 30%. It works better in conjunction with Gen Ability Trigger Happy.

It also works better in conjunction with the Gen Ability Laser Sights (due to their huge accuracy bonus) and Gen Ability Heat Sensor. Actually, all skills and equipment that improve accuracy — regardless of degree — improve the chances of the compensator being triggered, but the two previously mentioned do it very well.


As long as the target can't avoid being - the compensator will be triggered after each shot

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