Btl Communication Communications is a temporary global Stat, which allows all of your Btl Troopers Troops to use a number of active support Gen Ability Abilities. Communications pool serves only to match ability requirements and does not increase their rates of use, no matter how big the pool is. Commands are always given at every 400 clock ticks.

Ways to Get Communications

  • Specializing a Helm Comms Officer Comms. Officier (+5 Btl Communication, additional +1 Btl Communication with each new level). COs don't need to be deployed and boost communications indirectly, but once in the field they are anecdotally noted to use abilities more frequently than others. After a CO is dead, he no longer provides a boost.
  • Utilizing a Item Radio Radio (+1 Btl Communication at a cost of taking an equipment slot).

Abilities Granted

  • Solo Mission (noticeable Small Initiative Initiative boost for one trooper).
  • Commando (not to be confused with Gen Ability Commando) (slight Small Initiative Initiative boost in an Small Area of Effect Area of Effect surrounding the trooper; hostiles caught in the AOE are affected as well).
  • Locked (enemy target acquires the Ef Locked status for an indefinite period of time, and is 100% likely to get hit).
  • Propaganda (enemy trooper at very close range joins your side, completely retaining their current condition of life points, weapons, munitions, equipment, and effects), negated by Gen Ability Smart.
  • Support (2 additional troopers Btl Deployment Deploy during combat), comparable to Item Talky-Walky Talky-Walky (1 trooper). Helm Comms Officer Comms. Officiers can deploy themselves this way if they are in the reserves. Additionally it is possible to call in any Veh Truck Vehicle, which in any other instance would require sufficient Btl Deployment Deployment.
  • Retreat (all friendlies exit the battle, being replaced by a fresh wave of reinforcements. Retreated troops join the next wave with life points, weapons, munitions, and equipment replenished, and no negative effects).

Command Requirements

  • Solo Mission: 1 Comm's point
  • Commando: 5 Comm's points, Must have at least 1 teammate around ?
  • Locked: 1 Comm's points
  • Support: 5 Comm's points, Must have at least 1 trooper in the reserve ?
  • Retreat: 10 Comm's points, Must have at least 1 trooper in the reserve ?
  • Propaganda: 20 Comm's points, Enemy must be between 0 and 1 range from "pointer".


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