Item Clown Grenade Clown Grenade
Skill Clown Grenade


Levels 5+


Makes a clown appear on an empty square.


Occasionally (Once).


"I'm s-s-scared of clowns, chief...
- Me too! FIRE!"


Skill Bait


MunitionsIcon Hurry-Icon

Countered by:

Smart icon

No effect:

King of Boules Interception

Item Clown Grenade Clown Grenade (also referred to as a Pink Grenade) is unlockable Small Equipment Animated Equipment which can be used in one of three equipment slots available per Btl Troopers Trooper. Upon use, a clown pops up on the battlefield and serves as a priority target decoy to draw enemy fire, same as Gen Ability Bait on live targets. Troopers upgraded with Gen Ability Smart ignore the decoy.

Note that Gen Ability King of Boules has no effect on this grenade since it is not a damage grenade no matter where it been thrown.

Bibi le Clown

Pink grenades spawn a unique level 1 entity dubbed Bibi le Clown, a decoy to draw enemy fire. It has 10 Small Health Points Life Points, no weapons or equipment, and two skills:

Bibi just sits on the battlefield, making silly gestures with its arms. When it's hit, Bibi spins around its base.

Note: Enemies (unless they possess the Smart ability) will regard Bibi as an enemy trooper.


A Clown Grenade thrown close to the enemy's deployment area has forced the rocket trooper to move, in order to get Bibi outside the minimum range.

If it spawns closer to allies groups, only those Gen Rocket Launcher Launcher and Gen Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle troopers will target it.

When the clown spawns closer to enemies groups, all non-smart troopers will attack it.Troopers armed with sniper rifles or bazookas will switch weapons or back away from it should the grenade land too close to them, and dummies instructed to attack the "weakest" or "easiest" target will switch to it, potentially causing friendly fire or otherwise wasting ammo and time.


  • If there's an allied Helm Munitions Munition-man present, your bibi will be resupplied 1 cartridge with no effect. It happens presumably due to Ammunition mechanic.
  • Although supposed to be immobile, bibi will be the first to rush off-screen in case of a swift victory, unless leg-shot.
  • If bibi is the last man standing and the team against it has Helm Munitions Munition-man, the Ammunition will be used every second, it might take a while for them to kill bibi.
  • If one of your units has the ability Vendetta while bibi is killed or destroyed by the opposing team, that unit gains initiative.


  • Bibi le Clown bears a great resemblance to Blue Badger, the mascot of Los Angeles Police Department from CAPCOM's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in both visuals and animations, with a few minor tweaks. For a greater effect, a clown grenade needs to be utilized by navy coloured armies.


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