Skill Charge


Levels 7+.


<Trooper> charges at a nearby enemy.


Trooper max
HP Small Health Points /2 = Damage, body parts damage.


Occasionally at any range. (multi-use)


"Frrreeeeee Huuuuuggsss!!!"


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Charge is an unlockable active Gen Ability Ability. It allows the Btl Troopers Trooper to break ranks, rush forward towards the enemy (up to a Small Range Range of about half a screen), and ram them for Small Damage Damage measuring at least 5 Small Health Points Life Points (injures limbs as well), knocking them down on the ground – all in one turn. A very handy pick for any short-ranged front-line trooper, as they can follow up the charge with a quick finisher or trample the victim to death if they have enough Small Initiative Initiative. Don't expect your trooper to survive against Rats for long, though. Charge is not considered a useful skill for Support Troopers as neither Gen Sniper Rifle Rifles or Gen Rocket Launcher Launchers can fire at short Small Range Range.

Below is an image of a Helm Soldier Soldier charging a Helm Scout Scout, the charge damage is 22. The scout is Ef Cursed but undamaged before being charged. The extra damage comes from the curse (+1) and a hit to the head (+100%). The basic value is 10.

Base Small Damage Damage of a Charge is equal to half of the Charger's max HP Small Health Points, rounded down.


Other Media

Minitroopers Charge

Minitroopers Charge

A vidoe of a Pilot using charge.

In this video, the Charge skill does 12 damage. Perhaps this can be justified as a base number of 6 damage and then multiplied by a head shot 6x2=12.

Minitroopers - 52 Damage Charge Attack

Minitroopers - 52 Damage Charge Attack

52 damage on a Trooper. Note that this was done by a soldier.
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