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There are many different weapons in Mini Troopers ranging from the Knife to the Infernal Tube. A Mini Trooper starts with a weapon or two and can gain more as it Small Level levels up. Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses that balance the weapons effectiveness.

There are three types of weapons: single shot, semi-automatic, and burst. This determines how many shots a Mini Trooper fires per turn.

There are two categories of weapons:

Regular and heavy. Heavy weapons make your Mini Trooper slower unless they have the skill Sturdy. Weapons can be dropped if your Mini Trooper is shot in the arm unless they have the skill Unshakable.

Stat Explanation
Small Damage Damage How many hp the weapon takes upon successfully hitting a Mini Trooper.
Small Range Range The minimum and maximum distance a weapon can be fired at.
Small Critical Critical The likelihood that a shot will be fatal.
Small Burst Burst The number of shots fired per turn.
Small Aim Aim The percentage a weapon has of hitting its target.
Small Recovery Recovery How long it takes to reload. and Usability.
Small Capacity Capacity How many bullets can be loaded at a time.
Total Shots How many total bullets can be fired from the weapon.
Skills Some weapons have additional skills; this also tells the weapons category.

Not Featured Weaponry

Rip Weapon Sheet

According to the client's sprite sheet there are 3 weapons not featured in the game or not discovered yet: 2 pistols and 1 melee. There are no icons for them, however, which could mean that the weapons were cut during early stages of development.

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