Veh Truck.gif There are five different vehicles to unlock for your troopers, Motorcycle, Light Tank, Helicopter, Heavy Tank and Fighter Jet.

The Motorcycle is fairly common; however the chances of getting any of the other vehicles are quite low. Even when the trooper has a vehicle skill they will not Btl Deployment.gif deploy the vehicle in battle every time. The chances of using a Motorcycle are fairly good, but the chances for the other vehicles are not. A trooper with the Pilot helmet increases the chance of Btl Deployment.gif deploying a vehicle by 25% every level up (note that this is deploying the vehicle, not getting the skill).

Some skills that are useful for troops can also be useful for combat vehicles. What trooper skills have effects on vehicles is still being discovered. If you would like to view our progress or help out, see the Vehicles and skills page.


In a 'player v player' match any troopers who deploy in large vehicles (not motorbikes) will be moved into the first wave for that battle.

support deploymint

To deploy many large vehicles (or to deploy one Heavy Tank) requires scouts. The Heavy Tank requires 8 deployment points (4 scouts).

Deployment: Unconfirmed rumors

Vehicles deployment chances are increased when using the Pilot helmet, some players think there are also other factors in play. Some say that the skill Hurry affects the changes and others believe that the enemy's sabotage is also affecting the changes.


If the match is not 'player v player' the vehicle may deploy in later waves.

A youtube video of a tank deploying with a support order, Video.

Next is a video of a number of light tanks deploying as part of a raid. Talky-Walky deployment at 2:35 (or 1750 in game clock).


Tank deploying examples


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