Gen Sniper Rifle Rifle is a weapon class with maximum Small Range Range and an increased likelihood of hitting preferred body parts, an attribute unique to its class. As with Gen Rocket Launcher Launchers, rifles are fired right after deployment and need some room separating the target and the shooter, being unable to fire point-blank. Generally, rifles possess good Small Critical Critical values, which makes them very potent in scoring Small Killshot Killshots. However, except for some models, this class is rarely able to take on multiple targets and is best suited Support Trooper role, as a sniper needs as little interruption as possible to achieve maximum productivity. Nevertheless, with the right upgrades, this class can be devastating to enemy ranks.

Another distinct feature of this class is almost no Small Damage Damage amplitudes, which results in more or less consistent damage rates. As a downside, rifles don't benefit from the Gen Ability Unforgiving ability. However, there are plenty of other upgrades that can bring satisfying results.

  • Wpn Sniper Sniper (one of the default weapons the troops can start with, its distinct feature is a ridiculously low amount of ammunition. For that reason, it may not kill an enemy in 1 shot even with 100% hit rate.)
  • Wpn CK-Magellan CK-Magellan (a versatile model with impressive rate of fire and plenty of potential should you take specific skills. Can be effectively used against multiple hostiles; this rifle also has a decreased lower limit of Small Range Range, essentially being able to fire from slightly closer distances than the rest).
  • Wpn Lizaro Jungle Lizaro Jungle (somewhat good Small Damage Damage and Small Capacity capacity, at a cost of having the worst Small Aim Aim in the class. Strangely enough, it's most rarely wielded by computer-controlled armies).
  • Wpn MOS-TECK MOS-TECK (best Small Damage Damage, other stats are generally fine, except for Recovery).
  • Wpn Sparrowhawk Sparrowhawk (model specialized in Small Killshot Killshots, so it lacks in everything else).

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