Screen Rocket Combat

The Gen Rocket Launcher Launcher class is the most destructive Small Weapon Weapon in the game, all launchers have impressive Small Damage Damage, an Small Area of Effect Area of Effect, and maximum Small Range Range, as well as having Knock Down capability. Launchers are designed to be one-hit-kill armaments, being one tier above Gen Sniper Rifle Rifles, and so lack in Small Capacity Capacity and rate of fire. This class may be the only one not able to score Small Killshot Killshots due to being powerful as it is. Its best potential should be used at the start of the battle, by Btl Troopers Troopers augmented with Small Initiative Initiative.

Most launchers are heavy and will reduce Small Speed Speed while being carried, not necessarily wielding at the given moment. Unlike other ordnance, rockets do not work in conjunction with Gen Ammunition Special Ammunition, but can be Gen Ability Dodged just the same regardless of Area of Effect, therefore Item Heat Sensor Heat Sensors and Item Laser Sights Laser Sights are invaluable to ensure high hit rates.

Another downside of explosive ordnance is that it does not damage the target's limbs or vital organs directly, dealing Small Damage Damage generally instead. This is compensated, however, with Armor-negating capabilities, and roughly doubled damage against Veh Truck Vehicles. Even though limbs are never damaged, upon being hit troopers occasionally drop weapons wielded.

Though the biggest drawbacks of launchers are the huge potential friendly fire they can cause. Due to trooper's not-so-bright behavior, it is not an uncommon sight to see them fire at a single enemy that is surrounded by allies fighting close-range, or completely miss the shot and kill himself and his own formation in one blow.


Screen Explosives Damage

No limb Damage at all. Note the dropped Wpn Sniper Sniper.

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