Screen Capacity

Small Capacity Capacity is a Small Weapon Weapon Stat uniquely pre-set for all models available. It directly affects how many cartridges can be loaded and fire-ready at a time. Albeit unalterable, its mechanic is worthy of explanation.

Watch an Illustrative Slide-Show or take a look at the screenshot to the top right. Every arm has two bars relaying munitions-related information: the upper one, being Capacity, and the lower one, being not yet loaded Spare Cartridges. Both taken and blank spare round slots put together show the total munitions available for any given weapon (for a work-around of this limit see Helm Munitions Munitions). At the start of the battle, by default most arms have a random number of cartridges loaded to start with, from 1 to maximum load. All loaded cartridges are being subtracted from the bar of spare ones, that way you will never see both bars full at the start. You can see for yourself on the example: Wpn Pistol Pistol has 5 Small Round cartridges in total, 1 Small Round being currently loaded, and Wpn CK-Magellan CK-Magellan has 12 Small Round cartridges in total, 4 Small Round being currently loaded. While technically arms start just not fully loaded, models which can hold only one round are considered fully loaded, as minimum equals maximum in their case.


Reloading is executed mainly manually, one cartridge at a time, which makes capacity an important Stat to consider. And so, there's a number of means to improve this situation in your favour.

Ways to Affect Loading


  • Utilizing a Wpn Revolver Revolver (starts fully loaded).
  • Utilizing a Wpn Heavy Machine Gun Heavy Machine Gun (starts fully loaded).
  • Utilizing a Wpn Pump Action Shotgun Pump Action Shotgun (loads spare cartridges automatically).
  • Utilizing a Item Loader Loader (spare magazine, a single-use full-capacity instant reload).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Battle-Ready (all arms carried are fully loaded at the start).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Nimble Fingers (2 cartridges are being loaded at a time, twice as fast weapon operation).
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