Skill Camouflage


Levels 1+.


20% of shots targeting <Trooper> will miss, and the chances of them being selected as a target are also reduced.


Always (Passive).


"Chief! That box over there – it moved!
- Of course it did Jack..."

Countered by:

Skill Heat Sensor

Screen Locked Camo

Although being Locked is said to make the trooper 100% likely to be hit, it's not yet clear if other skills can offset the odds, or if the chance isn't static and is influenced by the shooter's Aim.

Camouflage is a low-tier passive Gen Ability Ability acquired after unlocking the Skill of the same name. It gives a Btl Troopers Trooper a 20% chance to Small Dodge Dodge every shot fired at him. Additionally, the owner is less likely to be targeted. Due to the obscure nature of the Gen Ability Bait ability, it's unclear how both skills work in conjunction, or even if they work with each other.

The skill is effective in increasing survivability, being pretty useful for all kinds of footmen. However, it is completely negated with Item Heat Sensor Heat Sensor or if the owner is Ef Locked.


  • The quote is a reference to the Cardboard Box, one of the trademark items (and a meme itself) from the Konami's Metal Gear video game series. The box is used for hiding and sneaking past enemies, often triggering awkward conversations among the enemy soldiers when the player is at risk of being detected.
    • To strengthen the impression, Jack is the name of one of the series' protagonists, otherwise known as Raiden.
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