Item Bulletproof Vest Bulletproof Vest
Skill Bulletproof Vest


Levels 1+.


+1 Small Armor Armor, and halves the chance of taking a Fatal Shot to the torso


Always (passive).


"More then 20 different colours! Sand, forest, spangly disco number..."


Soldier Skill Full Metal Balaclava Heavy Armor

Countered by:

Skill Armor-Piercing Shells

The Item Bulletproof Vest Bulletproof Vest is a low-tier Small Equipment Animated Equipment (acquired after unlocking a Skill of the same name) that can be used in one of the three equipment slots available per Trooper. Once equipped, it improves the torso's Armor by +1, as well as halving the chance of taking a Small Killshot Fatal Shot to that area. However, it has no visual effect on the wearer.

Areas affected:

  • Straight in the heart!
  • Right lung.
  • Gutshot (nasty).Needs confirmation.

It's worth noticing that the item is useful when being used against non-augmented Small Critical Critical shots, as some skills that do so can successfully negate the effect of the item, albeit not as effectively. For example, Gen Ability Heartbreaker (0.5x, being only a passive Ability) and Item Hydroshock Shells Hydroshock Shells (2x) can negate it. However, the vest completely negates Gen Ability Anatomy and Item Voodoo Doll Voodoo Dolls one-on-one. It won't work if the opponent uses several Critical boosters though.

For greater damage negation, the vest can be coupled with Item Heavy Armor Heavy Armor and the Item Full Metal Balactlava Full Metal Balaclava, rendering some small arms (1~3 Dam.) almost ineffective. If all of them are worn by a high-level Helm Soldier Soldier, they can be a difficult target to bring down, soaking a good portion of damage and drawing enemy fire at the same time.

However, some players consider Small Dodge Dodge a more important Stat to build up.


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