Brick S***house
Skill Brick S---house


Levels 1+.


+3 Life Points, and anyone behind <Trooper> will benefit from added cover.


Passive (always).


"Scouts only report one guy... This will be a walk in the park."


Gen Ability Blind Fury.

Brick S***house is an unlockable passive ability. Once acquired it adds +3 Small Health Points Life Points on top of the Btl Troopers Trooper's maximum, and gives cover bonus to all dummies standing behind the Brick S***house. According to the French description translated, the skill improves Small Dodge Dodge. A reasonable upgrade for Assault Troopers for making their teammates harder to hit, and a useful bonus to any others due to increase in endurance.

The cover bonus is negated by Gen Ability Blind Fury.


  • Site hordes Die2Nite, another game from Motiontwin , features a hero skill with a similar effect. It was renamed to "Brick S**thouse " from "Glass Armor" in Season 3. To illustrate the relation, in the French
  • version of MiniTroopers the skill is
    Bull head

    approximate action

    named "Armoire à glace".
    Bull head triggered

    how it works

    LoS analisys BsH

    BsH in action (replay by: Joffer)

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