• Macomaba

    If your lazy like me and dont have time to farm all you 150 accounts, you may like this.

    I made a Python  script that use the Selenium library to complete my daily combats and raids.

    You just have to input the name of your groups name and your done !

    To make this script work, you just have to instal the selenium library, and a web driver of your choice.

    Selenium Page

    Try to program it yourself, but dont be afraid to hask me for help.

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  • PauseMT

    Current Status: Sign up is closed.

    Tournament Timetable

    Date Details
    31/07 Sign up closes. Brackets prepared.
    02/08 Tournament starts, round 1.

    # Player Army Link
    1 45424 

    2 Wolf987 

    3 Cripto

    4 Xtremekiwi

    5 Loppy

    6 Othimos

    7 Golem


    9 Junkzy

    10 irocksonny

    The top 3 contestants in the tournament will all receive recognition in the wiki Hall Of Fame.

    The winning player will receive their choice of either 30 new recruits or ownership of the prize army.

    Second place will receive 15 recruits, third place will receive 10 recruits.

    All recruits will be sent to any one army link of the players choice. There is no guarantee on the quality of these recruits or their date of arrival.

    Instead of 30 recruits the winner may choose to have ownership of the prize army. Link


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  • BearfootTruck

    This is the city.

    June 12, 2013 by BearfootTruck

    Los Angeles, California.

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  • Zoro the Gallade

    Skill review

    June 6, 2013 by Zoro the Gallade

    And here it is, Gallade's ultra-special Skill Review, with a grade out of 10 for their usefulness.

    Icon Name Description Comment Vote
    Comms Officer +1 Communication for each level-up.

    Communications are extemely helpful on the field. Orders such as Retreat, Commando and Solo Mission can shift the tide of battle in your favor, so having better Comms than your enemy can prove vital.

    Doctor Heals a teammate 5 Health Points +1 additional HP per level-up. Immune to poison and paralysis. Dotors are helpful, but they can only use their healing skills when they get their turn and only on troopers at close range. This, along with the frequent killshots, make his usefulness marginal until he gets his hands on Savior or Healing Grenades. 6
    Munitions Reloa…

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  • GlitcherRed

    1st Camper Tourney

    April 16, 2013 by GlitcherRed

    Note: The followings are directly copied from the forum post with a little modifications.

    Forum thread

    As I have so many self-trained recruits, I want to know which of them is the best, and so I've decided to organize a tournament for them! It's too boring if I hold it secretly, so you, the community, can place your bets on which one's the winner! There'll be prizes for those who guess right!

    Requirements to join: NONE!

    Dates of the tournaments:
    1-man tourney: 14 Mar
    2-man tourney: 23 Apr
    3-man tourney: 28 May
    4-man or above: TBD

    Type of tournament:
    Double-elimination BO3; randomly seeded

    What you should do:
    Post here one army that you think will win for each tourney. You won't lose anything if that army loses.

    Every army will be assigned odds, i…

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  • PauseMT

    Tournament Timetable

    Sign up is now open.

    09/02/13 Sign up closes. Brackets prepared.
    11/02/13 Tournament starts, round 1.

    # Army Player Link
    1 Blade of Dawn Xtremekiwi
    2 The Talentless Comody
    3 Good Gentlemen Nauris
    4 camper2013 45424
    5 TheAnnyingOrange Persona-
    6 Soul Stealer NoNsToPxs
    7 Children of Damn BlackBear
    8 vkmkm23 kirvis
    9 tesc #4 fighter #2 Golem
    10 Radical Karma ebisan http://radical-karma.minitroopers…

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  • PauseMT

    The English Server Cup V2

    November 29, 2012 by PauseMT

    These are not the current restrictions.

    This is a suggestion for ESC#3

    Each round you may either...

    1. add 1 new trooper to your army


    2. upgrade 2 troopers already in your army.

    Of course you may instead choose to upgrade just 1 trooper or choose to do nothing. You may also add any number of skill upgrades/troopers to catch up on any missed army improvements from passed rounds as long as the army keeps within the formula below.

    The same thing express as a formula... 

    ("number of troopers" + "total of all levels") /2
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  • PauseMT
    Welcome to the English Server Cup!

    This page is for general English Server Cup rules and guidelines. If you are looking for dates or anything specific to your tournament than please speak with your organiser.

    The English Server Cup is a round robin tournament. Each army in the tournament will be created throughout the competition, all players start with only one trooper at level 1 (and with any amount of credits and recruits).

    Once the tournament begins each player may buy troopers and start leveling up, however they do this slowly under a set of restrictions as they face off against each other throughout the tournament.

    Once the tournament has started these steps will need to be repeated daily by each player.

    The winner is the contestant who …

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  • PauseMT

    The Second English Server Cup

    November 13, 2012 by PauseMT

    Sign up is now open, sign up will close on the 19/11/12.

    Anyone with a level 1 trooper can sign up Link

    Rules and guidelines

    Sign up is now open.

    19/11/12 Sign up closes, brackets prepared.
    21/11/12 Tournament starts, round 1.

    # Army Player Link
    1 Titanic Wrath BluRage
    2 Living in Horror Livefore
    3 Horah Caine
    4 Nightfighter Xtremekiwi
    5 Blue Juggernauts irocksonny
    6 Green Trolls green-trolls
    7 Aviation at night KOFKOREA
    8 The Westler kaylatop123

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  • PauseMT

    The English Server Cup

    October 8, 2012 by PauseMT

    This tournament is over.

    Sign up

    # Army Player Link
    1 El Cardinal Comody
    2 Adjuncts Servitor
    3 Orha Caine
    4 Golem's boy Golem
    5 Circles of birds KOFKOREA
    6 Wrath of rage BluRage
    7 King of rumble IcSLostInDreams
    8 A new start 45424
    9 Bolte Cripto
    10 Radical Orange Ebisan
    11 Lil dude that-lil-kid
    12 Vraska cloud891

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  • Joffer

    new strip - about easy riders)

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  • Joffer

    I thought there and decided that you can help me create new comics (if you, of course, want). So, if you met something interesting in battles - do screenshots and send it to me, and I try to create story and new comics. Co-author, of course, will be mentioned on the strip. Shots send to any filehost or picturehost (for example, Links you can attach to comment.

    I would appreciate for your help.

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  • Joffer

    Okay, today's strip is very simple) but it will be actual every Monday of your life) Enjoy)

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  • Joffer

    21.08.12 comic strip

    August 21, 2012 by Joffer

    End today I have for you another one comics... it not made very carefully, but instead it based on real events) Enjoy))

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  • Joffer

    New comic strip

    August 7, 2012 by Joffer

    Guys, check this out my new comic strip (click preview and press "Full size")

    (sorry for the size, it was created with 24-inches display, I forgot about people with small diagonals)

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  • Joffer

    Raid troopers

    August 5, 2012 by Joffer

    Interesting fact:

    I noticed, that in raid first go weakest troopers-recrouts, that is, first - weakest, last - strongest

    Epic mission: first go your main team's troopers, than your strongest troopers-recruits. I have 8 troopers in main team and 52 recruits, but in epic misson take part only 32 fighters. So, first - my team, next - strongest recuits, in decreasing order of strength. Total of 32 warriors.

    But on "History" page you can see your first trooper and his 50 recruits. Those order is very interesting. If you have troopers with the same levels (and this level is highest) - they sorted by date of creating, from last to first. And after those troopers go troopers with (highest level)-1, they are sorted by date too, and so on.

    So, page of h…

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  • CursedBear

    I know MT isn't going to be updated. But, one string alone doesn't make a guitar right?

    I would like to share my thoughts about skills, some changes and new ones. This is just my sketch, feel free for comment and share your ideas, and PLEASE, help me (:

    • Just like Wife Beater, other skills like Camouflage, Bait, BPV, Heavy Armor, Lucky Charm and maybe FMB could have their visual changes in the uniform. (Bait could have a target in the chest, or shine like in the description)
    • Talking about Wife Beater, why this skill uses two slots, when the description says: "I feel much more free in my vest."?
      IMO, this skill could increases two slots, using one.
      Example: A trooper have Laser Sights, Grenade and Paralysing Shells. At level 7 he pick Wife Beater, …

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  • Kev9000

    1. Saboteurs....................Votings: 0

    2. Spies...........................Votings: 0

    3. Bazookas.....................Votings: 0

    4. Gas Grenade................Votings: 0

    5. COM Officier.................Votings: 0

    Vote by leaving a comment. You can vote 2 different things in one comment. You can vote every 2 days.

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  • IcSLostInDreams

    MT Expo

    July 22, 2012 by IcSLostInDreams

    From Deity to N-UBER

    By Earl “LostInDreams” Guevarra

    People, if you were expecting to see an “instructional manual” or a “strategy guide”, then go and rot yourselves in hell. In addition, if you wanted to see a memoir, then you might just as well pack your bags and move somewhere else. For this work is neither a basics book nor a collection of anecdotes; this is intended for all of US (me included) to see Mini Troopers (MT) from a different pair of eyes; to see beyond the rivalry, the records, and the whatnot; and to be able to see new perspectives “in-game” and “away from keyboard”, that is, AFK!

    The game

    Everyone who has played this game at least once should have gained some rudimentary knowledge of MT’s basics. And going to the basics mean …

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  • Doomys

    Doum's Minitroopers activity log.

    "To Delete"

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  • IcSLostInDreams

    Hi guys, this is IcSLostInDreams, and I'm happy to be part of this community!

    More post coming soon! See ya!

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  • Comody

    A little explanation.

    April 3, 2012 by Comody


    I wanted somebody to explain to me about the Fall Damage that this Trooper suffered after being throw to the air with Wrestler taking 7 damage with Fall Damage.]] on a Raid. I know that he might have landed on the injuried arm and took more Damage, but why 7 damage when the fall damage is 1~6 and doubling that won't make a 7 or maybe that's the max damage?

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  • Zenrox

    Body Parts damage analysis

    February 18, 2012 by Zenrox

    Hello all, English is not my first language so feel free to edit my mistakes if you think you can describe it better. Minitroopers is such an awesome game, but I believe that there will be no more updates on the game which is quite sad for me. :(

    I wonder why there is no analysis about body parts of troopers in the game. That's the main source of damage a trooper can make in any situation.

    To sum it all, body parts can be divided into 6, which can be found too in Favourite Targets section in Stats Sheet-- Head, Right Lung, Heart, Gut, Left Hand, Right Hand, Left Leg and Right Leg.

    The stage of injury can be divided into 3: - Dark red (Initial hit), Red (Second hit), Bright red (Third hit).

    Damage sources that injure body parts: Fists, any weapons…

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  • Comody

    Battle bug?

    February 13, 2012 by Comody

    I'm gonna be posting bug or glitches I find in here, in my blog. {C}This just happened to me in a "Raid" during battle. A little bug or glitch, I don't know.

    Another bug I found during "Raid" too again. This is similar to the bug they explain in "Fall Damage" about "Explosive Shells". The trooper in the Image gets throw off screen after a killshot with a "Explosive Shells" combined.(Not really a bug).

    In "Raid" once again this time is an instant defeat without deploying a "Trooper"

    Another one again on "Raid", I might as well change the name of this blog to "Raid battle bug?", this time I'm not going to upload a photo because the bug is simple. In the middle of battle the timer seem to have sttoped and the "Trooper"s as well. It's no like the…

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  • Comody

    Minitroopers Glitch

    January 31, 2012 by Comody

    I have a little glitch that happened during a "Raid" in the Spanish version in witch a soldier with full HP is shot with a "Sparrowhawk" and loses all his HP except one thanks to "Lucky Charm", it wasn't a kill shot, but just a normal hit in witch he loses all his HP. Pretty weird if you ask me.

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  • CyronusHelper


    January 23, 2012 by CyronusHelper

    Might be afk for a long while, but I'll try getting test info

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  • CyronusHelper

    Upcoming Vehicles?

    December 10, 2011 by CyronusHelper

    There has been some talk about these new vehicles (found on the twinoid, minitroopers, images), but only on the Muxxu forums

    I'm just posting this to inform people here of the possible vehicles coming soon-

    Mobile Turret & Jeep

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