Item Biped Biped
Skill Biped


Levels 1+


No penalty for moving targets.


Always (Passive).


"Eye on the ball, head in the game. That's how I roll!"

Counter to:

Zigzag Hyperactive

Item Biped Biped is a low-tier Small Equipment Animated Equipment (available after acquiring the Skill of the same name) which can be used in one of the three equipment slots available per Btl Troopers Trooper. The skill owner hits moving hostile targets just as easily as stationary targets. Even though troops stop for a moment during Small Turn Turn intermissions to let others execute their actions, they are still considered to be running towards their target, usually being harder to hit.

Biped is rather useful to better deal with enemies that attempt to charge at the players, such as ones that have ran out of ammunution and are trying to Gen Knife Melee, or Rats during Exterminate missions, or even ones with Gen Sniper Rifle Rifles or Gen Rocket Launcher Launchers trying to back away to fire at the enemy outside their own minimum range. The skill also helps to counter Gen Ability Zigzag.


  • The current spelling is present in-game. The correct spelling would be "Bipod". Biped is a term used in regard of bipedal animals, using two legs for locomotion, birds or humans for example. The term the skill name refers to is Bipod.
  • Despite the name, the skill artwork features a Tripod.


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