Battle Screen

Battle Screen is one of the screens operated with a client embedded into site pages. Naturally, it is the only screen all battles take place on. Two opposing teams spawn on different sides of the battlefield and are engaged into combat. The game can be paused any time by left-clicking anywhere on the screen. In a similar fashion any spawned entities can be clicked on, resulting in showing their stat sheets. The interface is rudimentary for the most part, showing only basic global parameters:

Albeit not always stated so, you can skip any battles should you be uninterested in watching another measurable Extermination attempt or low on time. It can be done with your browser's navigation (previous page) or manually typing the next desired page ("/hq" being the shortest line). Reviewing any previous battles you are offered a button with the same function. No matter how you do it, there's no effect on the outcome, as the result is pre-generated and then played by the client for you to watch.


  • If the last troopers from both sides are killed with a single Gen Grenade.gif Grenade, the outcome is displayed as "Defeat", the confirmation box, however, reads "Defeat. You have won the battle!" Such instance is noted to be accounted as a victory.
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