Skill Battle-Ready


Levels 1+.


All Weapons belonging to <Trooper> are fully recharged before battle.


Start of the battle (once).


"Always remember two things before battle: put on clean underpants and try not to get shot in the face!"

Battle-Ready is an unlockable ability. The Btl Troopers Trooper enters combat with all of his carried weapons fully loaded. An extremely useful skill for anyone utilizing Gen SMG/Gen Gatling automatic arms. With this skill you don't have to worry about the trooper running out of ammunition with the first burst of fire. One notable combination is Battle-Ready with the Gen Ability Nervous skill.

However one-round weapons don't benefit from this skill, most Gen Rocket Launcher Rocket Launchers and Gen Shotgun Shotguns receive no benefit. Other exceptions are the Wpn Heavy Machine Gun Heavy Machine Gun and the Wpn Revolver Revolver which both start fully loaded regardless. Small capacity arms benefit little from this skill and it is debatable as to whether or not the Item Loader Loader skill is of more benefit to a weapon than Battle-Ready.


  • In the French version the skill is named "Bien organisé " which can be roughly translated to "Well Organized".


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