Skill Bait


Levels 1+.


+ 8 Small Health Points Life Point, <trooper> will be picked as the priority target, and will be easier to hit.


Always (passive).


"Hey, guys! Why am I the only one with a flashing neon uniform?"


Soldier Skill Commando Huge Calves Skill Brick S---house Heavyweight Sturdy Survivor Tuck &#039;n&#039; Roll Hyperactive

Countered by:

Smart icon

Replaced by:

Skill Clown Grenade

Bait is an unlockable passive Gen Ability Ability. Once acquired, it adds +8 Small Health Points Life Points to the Btl Troopers Trooper. The owner will attract enemy fire, most noticeable when the enemy is using Gen Rocket Launcher Launchers or Gen Sniper Rifle Rifles. It is also suggested that the trooper's ability to Small Dodge Dodge may be reduced, indicated by the quote "...and will be easier to hit"; this make sense when the skill is compared to its counterpart Camouflage, which states that 20% of shots will miss. The Bait skill is suitable for Helm Soldier Soldiers with enough health to become Decoy Troopers. Couple it with Gen Ability Hyperactive to achieve impressive results.

This skill's ability to draw the enemy's fire has no effect against enemy troopers with the Gen Ability Smart skill.

The effect of Gen Ability Camouflage paired with Bait is still questionable.

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